Time registration and task scheduling

Optimizing and streamlining your business

Are you in complete control of time, tasks and resources in your business?

It is a large puzzle to solve. That is why we have developed the tools to support you with an overview to optimize your company's time consumption in all areas.

We offer a solution that can solve the puzzle in your company. WebTime is a time tracking system which can help you easily track time spent in your business down to the individual tasks minute by minute.

Once upon a time, a simple time clock was the smartest way to keep track of employees' time spent. But it had its limitations. The stamp card can only tell when the individual employee showed up and when they held the fire service. However, it does not tell you anything about what they have spent their time on, and it makes it difficult to see how much time has been spent on the individual tasks during the day.

Times have changed and today time registration is the right solution for you if you want to make your business even more efficient. You save both time and money, just as you get an overview of the time consumption in your company. You can thus optimize both workflows and the distribution of working hours, so that your time is spent in the right places. The information from the time registration system can also be used in many other places in the company to solve time-consuming tasks faster.

We have developed WebTime for these purposes. WebTime is a web-based time tracking system which meets the need for a user-friendly time tracking system that works across your company. Read more about WebTime below.

WebTime - Modern web-based system for time registration

WebTime is a modern web-based time registration system that makes it easier and faster to keep track of the time down to the individual task. With WebTime as a time registration system, you always have control over the time consumption in your company, so you can have an overview of both the employees' time, time consumption divided into tasks and task status. This allows the manager to streamline workflows and prioritize tasks more efficiently.


Time registration made more efficient

WebTime is an effective time tracking system - for employees, managers, the finance team, the production manager and senior management. Employees quickly register their time consumption, the manager can easily get an overview of task progress, the finance team simply collect numbers for the payroll system, the production manager can optimize processes, and senior management can pull all relevant data with a few clicks. All of this can be accessed from any browser, making it easy for the entire business to use.

Read more about the benefits of WebTime here

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