Keep track of your resource investments

Keep accurate track of time invested in your company

WebTime is a browser-based time tracking system that keeps accurate track of the time your resources invest in your company.

We track your the employees' check-in / out times and real time spent on a given task - or registration of production and lead times in your company’s production flow. WebTime generates an optimal data source for all time-relevant topics such as payroll, production planning, schedules, order status reporting, invoicing, statistics and much more.

Benefits for all company employees

WebTime is a simple, reliable and cost-effective way to keep track of time spent. For your employees, it is easy and lightning fast to register time; for managers, the administrative tasks are simple and more manageable; for HR, payroll is easy to manage with automatic transfer of time registrations to your payroll system; for production management, it becomes easier to manage and optimize the production flow - and for senior management, it becomes easier to extract and report on relevant data points to measure efficiencies, profitability and daily operations.

Easy, fast and inexpensive

You can choose the local WebTime solution that simply requires a user license, web server, and access to a database server. WebTime does not require any additional hardware, because it integrates directly with the other IT systems in your company. All you need is a user license, a web server and access to a database server, e.g. Microsoft SQL.

Benefits of time registration with WebTime

Accurate time tracking helps make your business even more efficient. With WebTime, you get a well-thought-out system that is user-friendly, easy, fast and straightforward for your entire business.

  • Save time - become more efficient and optimize workflows
  • Get an overview of time consumption and tasks
  • Prioritize tasks
  • Solve time consuming tasks such as payroll and production planning faster

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