We care about the world, and make a considered effort to be responsible global citizens.

Green energy

Through deliberate efforts we have reduced our electrical use by 34.4% from 2018 to 2022, and we have chosen to only use Co2 neutral and sustainable energy sources. We have done this to minimize our own environmental impact, and to support our customers in their efforts to make the environmental value chain impact as small as possible. It is good business.

Other "green" efforts..

Automatic lights

When we leave our office, lights turn of automatically. Simple, and requires little effort.

Garbage sorting

We sort our garbage, and we have specific bins for food, paper products, plastics, and even a separate bin for our coffee capsules.

Biodiversity in our backyard

Our wilding initiative started in 2018. We only cut the grass on half of our land, and we are wilding the rest, to allow the biodiversity to flourish.

Left-over Friday

Friday is a feast at Acies. To minimize food waste, our fantastic cook serves up left-overs for lunch every Friday.