Integrator is a sales and production management solution for kitchen manufacturers. It ensures transparency and improves efficiencies in the complex processes between kitchen stores and the manufacturing entity.

Everyone says optimization and streamlining. We mean it

With Integrator, you optimize all the processes from the customer entering the store for the first time until the final invoice is paid. Integrator minimizes errors, manages the sales process and optimizes the integration between store and manufacturing.

The outcome is more efficient management of sales, production and the financials. Ultimately more revenue better gross profit margins.

4 (additional) reasons to implement Integrator

From data to insight

Plan your production, keep track of the finances and pass on valuable insights to your marketing department.

Uniform processes across your kitchen stores

Streamline the way data is shared and managed across your sales channel.

A scalable solution

Integrator is a scalable solution that can be implemented on both large and small scale whether you have five or several hundred stores.

Knowledge sharing

Leverage the combined knowledge in your ecosystem and share and learn from each other's experiences.

40+ years of experience in the kitchen industry in one solution

Integrator is a software solution, and more. It is more than 40 years experience in the kitchen industry combined into one overall solution that streamlines your business.

With Integrator, you get an industry-specific system complete with industry relevant functionality. Our Integrator solution is implemented and supported by very experienced consultants who come from the kitchen industry.

From ideas to solutions that create value on the bottom line

Acies has been a supplier of software solutions to TCM Group (formerly TMK A/S) since 1992. A lot has happened since then, but the mission has always been the same: to develop solutions that optimize the business and create concrete value.

”Acies has consistently managed to translate our ideas into pragmatic and profitable software solutions. Acies' very down-to-earth and direct way of tackling the challenges has meant that together we have lifted our company to a high level of digitalization.”

- Søren Pugholm, IT-Manager, TCM Group

Integrator creates value across your business

There are many benefits to Integrator. Both in the individual kitchen store and for your business in general. 

Fordele for økonomichefen

  • You gain insight and visibility of relevant KPIs, giving you a factual foundation for strategic decision
  • You will be able to easily identify optimization opportunities
  • Your sales forecast and production planning horizon will increase


Benefits for the Store Manager

  • You will be able streamline sales processes in your store
  • You will have a dashboard of the individual customer projects and can manage and see the gross profit margin for proposals, orders and delivered projects
  • You will have easy visibility of individual employee sales performance


Benefits for salespeople

  • You and your colleagues can easily transfer leads and track lead history between each other
  • Following up on customer proposals, orders and ongoing projects becomes easier
  • You can always see an update delivery time is for each offer and order.


We want to understand your business. Then we create value to your bottom line

Our job is to create value for your business. That means we need to understand your business and your unique requirements first, then we’ll show you how Integrator (potentially) can solve your challenges.

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