Paperless production management system tailored for window, door and kitchen manfacturers, and tightly integrated our industry specific solutions. AciesMES optimizes your manual production processes, and enables transparent real-time tracking of production orders.

AciesMES (Manufacturing Execution System)

With AciesMES you can manufacture completely without the use of paper and manual processes. The production screens are tailored to the individual machines, depending on where in the process we are. Specifications and drawings are available for the production workers just as data files are for the machines. Production operators always have an updated overview of their work tasks. They can see which item they need to work on and which production site is next in the process. 

Streamline your production with AciesMES

The production flow optimized by giving the operators a simple overview. Last minute changes in production orders are immediately updated on the production screens. 

Faulty items are rapidly handled through a separate production track and catch up to the original production order as soon as possible.

Why choose AciesMES

Manufacturing without paper

It is no longer necessary to spend resources on paper, toner and servicing your printers. All expenses for printing and handling of print are gone. 

Tailor-made production with exactly the information needed at the individual workstations increases the time for the actual production. 

Production data is passed on digitally to operators via AciesMES on tablets. 

Order changes are digitally communicated to the relevant operators 

When a customer order is changed at the last minute, and after the production series has been started, AciesMES ensures that the changes are communicated quickly and easily throughout production, without stopping the production series. 

Production changes are passed on digitally to operators via AciesMES on tablets. 

Fault handling 

When working with living materials, you may experience defects or faults that require reproduction. In those cases, the operator who discovers the discrepancy simply identifies the required item to be reproduced. This is then digitally passed on to the operator at the relevant workstation, where the reproduction is needed. 

Connected to AciesMES Time Tracking 

With AciesMES you can also handle time tracking for your employees, further streamlining and simplifying both production management and time tracking. 

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