Are you the new colleague we are looking for?

We want to be more. Yes, in fact, we would like to have twice as many colleagues in five years. Excellent  colleagues who can help create value for our customers, and be part of Denmark's best workplaces.

Right now we are specifically looking for:

Software developers - Backend and architecture

Did not find your new job?

We are always looking for developers, and excellent colleagues. Whether you are a recent graduate or already have experience, it does not matter. If you have the basic skills in order, we can teach you the rest. So, go ahead, good ideas and curiosity never go out of style.

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30 Employees

10,47 years avg. Seniority

25.238 cups of coffee
A Year

14 sheep in our backyard

We are close by

Silkeborg is located right in the middle of Jutland. Half an hour from Aarhus and Herning, and within an hour's drive from Skanderborg, Viborg, Horsens, Randers, Vejle and Holstebro.

What do you think about …

The view from your desk

Not many offices have views of forest and (occasionally) deer. Enjoy!

To Acies medarbejdere med en skøn udsigt fra deres skrivebord

Lots of fun

We participate in the annual Riverboat Jazz Festival in Silkeborg, enjoying great music and food on one of Silkeborg historic boats. Annually we host a traditional Danish Christmas lunch/party. We also host regular fun events after work like wine tastings, strategi weekends, end-of summer parties etc.

Acies medarbejdere på en sejlbåd til Riverboat festival

Fresh-made lunch every day

Our excellent chef makes sure we are well-fed and sharp with healthy and nutritious food

Kokken i Acies laver frisk presset juice

World class coffee

Our fully automatic coffee machine keeps the caffeine balance at a stable (high) level. We love it! We actually had a day when it was broken and… no, we do not want to talk about it.

Der laves kaffe på Nespresso kaffemaskinen

Never again sore neck

We provide health insurance and a bi-weekly massage.

Tre glade medarbejdere som griner

A game of pool after lunch

Sometimes you just need to relax. We have both billiards and fussball tables, so you can challenge your colleagues and clear your head.

Udvikler som spiller pool i sin frokostpause

Lots of challenges and opportunities

We will give you all the responsibility your want to solve the challenges and opportunities you encounter. Working at Acies is about creating value for our customers, and we insist on understanding the industries our customers work in. That is how we create the best solutions for them.

En glad Acies medarbejder som snakker i telefon

”I am allowed to develop and learn a lot of things that benefit both myself and the company. And then I always feel listened to when I say my opinion. ”

Alex Troelsen, Software Engineer, Acies since 2014

“The organization is very flat at Acies. It gives peace of mind in everyday life, so you can focus on doing your job as well as possible ”

Louise Harder, Executive Assistant, Acies since 2018

“We are honest with our customers and use our professionalism to further their interests. It's not about maximizing our profit at all cost. ”

Gitte Jensen, Software Engineer, Acies since 1998

Softwareudvikler Gitte som har været ved Acies i 21 år

"We have an excellent work environment, which helps keep the right balance between work and leisure."

Carsten Jørgensen, Software Engineer, Acies since 1995

Carsten som er softwareudvikler i Acies

At Acies, you make a difference - every day

Without Acies, then doors, windows and kitchens would not work. We develop and optimize software for the door, window, and kitchen industries every day. Our work ultimately has significant impact for a great many people. See more: