Visualizes your data in a flexible, dynamic and relevant way.

Create an overview and use your data to make (the right) decisions

Honestly… financial systems, sales systems, production systems, warehousing systems m.m. are traditionally really good for controlling the processor and for generating a lot of data.

But… they are typically not very good at exhibiting the data in a flexible, dynamic, and relevant way. With AciesBI, we have solved this problem.

Business Intelligence

AciesBI is a cloud-based data warehouse and business intelligence solution. In collaboration with Inspari, one of Denmark's most experienced and largest BI companies. We have built this solution to capture, normalize and prepare all relevant data for generating exactly the reports, views, drill-downs your company needs.

We do this in a way that minimally burdens your internal IT infrastructure, and you do not need to buy more hardware. We have based our solution Microsoft Azure and PowerBI.

We start by understanding your need. Then we will help you visualize your data. 

All this so you get exactly the overview you need in your daily life. Use the overview as a basis for your decisions, get an overview of the company's KPIs and much more.


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