A cloud-based production management system for the door and window industry.

A future-proof solution

We must support the needs and requirements for door and window manufacturers in the future. AciesCore’s functionality integrates seamlessly with our existing on-premise solution, VIP.

As we continue to develop new and improved features in AciesCore, we ensure backward compatibility to VIP to enable our current customers to benefit from these features and improvements.

AciesCore functionality rings

The core functionality of AciesCore, a production management system for the door and window industry, is the functionality that all manufacturers need, to be able to sell and produce windows and doors.

This functionality includes BOM breakdown, construction, configuration and production data.

  • Breaking down an order line or production series into a BOM that specifies exactly how many profiles, glass, accessories, etc. are needed to be able to produce the window/door correctly
  • Construction is the framework PTA and designers use to create the correct models. 
  • Configuration is the tool the salespeople use when configuring and selling windows and doors.
  • Production data is the data required to generate machine data and production information.. 

These core functionalities are our first priority in the development of AciesCore

The middle ring represents the functionality that most window manufacturers will use in AciesCore, but which is not 100% unique to the door and window industry. However, this type of functionality will still be unique and can typically not be replaced by a standard system.

Standard functionality

The outer ring represents standard functionality, which standard ERP systems offer. Our strategy is to invest our resources in developing the unique functionality required by window, door and kitchen manufacturers, and leave the standard ERP systems take care of standard functionality. We support this strategy via our Standard API (REST API) to ensure all relevant data is shared between our systems and your standard ERP system.

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